LPG for Industrial & Commercial Applications

Restaurants / Hawker Centers

Perfectly cooked food is an essential ingredient for successful catering, and by using LPG your customers can benefit from meals created using a faster, more easily controlled and cleaner burning fuel.

Chefs choose LPG from SingGas for its:

Speed – It provides immediate heat on ignition, without the need for any warm up period

Control – It produces heat that responds instantly and changes in setting and distributes the heat more broadly across the base of cooking implements

Cleanliness – It burns efficiently with no black smoke. It leaves no marks on cooking implements, making washing easier after cooking.

LPG for Forklift Trucks

More and more businesses are now turning to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to meet their increasing energy needs. This is because LPG is cleaner burning, cost effective, versatile, durable and reliable and does not compromise performance.

LPG is a cleaner-burning and reliable energy source that provides even and controllable heat and is ideal for a wide range of industrial & commercial uses.

Our quality products combined with our expert approach means we can provide tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements.

LPG is an ideal fuel for use in firing pottery and ceramics, which can be adversely affected by soot produced by other fuels. In addition, LPG provides good efficiency and heat control.

LPG from SingGas provides the high intensity, high temperature flame needed to melt and fuse alloys and metals with precision.