How to Grill Meat On Your Stovetop (no BBQ grill required!)

02 Dec 2021


family enjoying barbeque session


Everyone loves a good barbeque session from time to time, but the days when we gathered around one barbecue pit at the beach to enjoy them are long gone since social-distancing rules have been put in place. That is why it comes as no surprise that more barbeque joints are springing up here in Singapore as many people over here enjoy the experience of grilling their own meats, especially getting their Korean BBQ fix.


However, constantly eating out may eventually take a toll on your finances. So instead of visiting one BBQ restaurant to another, why not learn to grill at the comfort of your own home? Even if you don’t have a built-in gas grill, you can still make do with your current kitchen setup. As long as it’s equipped with a stovetop, a sturdy pan and a good supply of gas, you’re all set!


Here’s what you need to know about indoor grilling:


1. Choose a hefty grill pan

The pan replaces the entire charcoal or gas grill when grilling indoors, so it needs to be rugged. It’s ideal to use cast iron for your grill pan because it gets hot quickly and retains heat well, so it remains hot and produces nice grill marks. Cast iron grill pans should be seasoned according to the manufacturer’s instructions before each use, and then lightly rubbed with canola oil. For non-stick or other types of grill pans, a light coating of oil is all that’s needed.


2. Ensure a steady supply of gas


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Before getting started on your indoor barbecue, check that you have plenty of gas supply. In any case, the last thing you want to happen during a grilling session is to run out of gas midway through. Avoid this by preparing early and getting your LPG cylinder on our e-store. By opting for gas delivery, we can send them right to your doorstep at your convenience. Our online store is accessible 24 hours a day, and our islandwide gas delivery lets you purchase gas hassle-free. 


3. Burn-proof your meat and vegetables


image of meat getting seasoned


The best way to ensure a successful indoor grill session is to pat dry damp food, lightly brush it with olive oil, and season both sides with salt and pepper before grilling. While grilling with a marinade, brush loose pieces of herbs or garlic with oil to prevent them from burning. When prepping chicken and vegetables, marinate them in olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice and plenty of herbs. The seasoning for good steaks, on the other hand, such as a ribeye, strip, or fillet, is really no more than salt and pepper.


4. When grilling, leave the food undisturbed for up to 5 minutes


image of a crosshatch grill pattern


As the grill pan heats up, reduce the heat to medium-low and maintain this temperature throughout the grilling process. Smoking is an indication that the pan is too hot, so turn down the heat when that happens. Place your meat on the grill and walk away. Having a tendency to mess with the food and check to see if it’s sticking or turning brown is a common mistake.  Let it sit undisturbed for three to four minutes, then rotate the food 90 degrees without flipping. In this way, you can grill like a professional, creating a crosshatch pattern. Continue cooking for another three to four minutes and repeat on the other side.


5. Practise carryover cooking when grilling steaks or burgers

Carryover cooking simply means the process of letting the meat rest after cooking. During carryover cooking, some foods retain heat and continue cooking even after the heat source has been removed. In other words, even if the food has been removed from the stovetop, oven, or grill, the heat remains, which is what completes the cooking process. This cooking method is mostly used for grilling steaks and burgers.


Indoor grilling with LPG gas cylinders

Now that you are familiar with indoor grilling, it’s time to turn up the heat on your stovetop and get grilling! With superior heating capabilities, gas cylinders can help grill your meat quickly, saving you a great deal of time and money. Place your gas cylinder order on our e-store to enjoy a smooth grilling experience.


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